For clients in PRC

•Yingke is a leading Chinese law firm in China. In order to assist clients with international related, Yingke is building a network/alliance of leading law firms around the world (“Network”).
•We Succest are joined Network and cooperate with Yingke for clients in PRC.
 •Member firms in Network assist each other in the process of winning and retaining clients, in order to provide legal services of the highest professional and ethical standards.
•Our firm provides legal services containing  support of dispute(litigation)s and resolutions in order to protect our clients rights, advice about complex regulations in both global and local, legal support in the field of corporate finance, comprehensive services for mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations with excellent attorneys having expertise and experience.
We can advise not only legal management but also corporate management in the field of corporate strategy.


Cross-Border Transactions

・We are providing advice and assist concerning legal issues and problems for clients in all stages of a commercial transaction, including Cross-Border Transactions.

We can assist drafting of agreements, advising, assist for negotiating.

We can support domestic or cross-border disputes when  clients require support with law firms in Japan.


We already experienced in this area with clients in PRC.


We have been reached in a significant number of M&As’  closing in various type of business, both in  Japan and overseas.


Our network M&As for in Japan and overseas provide integrated legal services for clients, such as sourcing, due diligence, negotiation for contracts, and drafting  of, etc.

Focus of our legal service

【Mergers and Acquisitions】

 Arrangement of Mergers and Acquisitions

 Support for negotiation

   Legal due diligence


【Dispute (Litigation)Resolution】

 Internal Civil Disputes

 Disputes(Litigations) between corporates

 International Disputes(Litigations)

 Intellectual Property Disputes(Litigations)


【Our Legal Advice & Regulatory Investigation】

 Commercial regulations

 Intellectual Property regulations

 Transaction negotiations

 Employment Disputes(Litigations)

 International commerce



 Finance agreement

 Financial Instruments and Exchange Act


【Real Estate】

 Negotiation of Real Estate

 Real Estate Finance

 Trust for Real Estate


【Wealth Management】